Mr Bouwman is a specialized lawyer in the field of juvenile justice, and she has years of experience in this area.  This concerns both juvenile criminal cases and civil juvenile law (or: OTS and UHP).


The criminal law for minors is a separate specialization within juvenile law. The court cases are brought before a special judge for juvenile criminal cases.  Only lawyers who meet very strict specialization criteria are allowed to represent minors in criminal cases.
Ms Bouwman is active since 2004 as a lawyer in criminal cases concerning minors.  She represents minors throughout the entire country, at all the different courts. Ms Bouwman finds it very important that the legal aspects of the case, and what can be expected, are as clear and understandable as possible for the minor involved.   It is very drastic and upsetting for a minor to become involved in a criminal investigation.  The rights of minors are protected by several international instruments, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ms Bouwman fights for the legal position and rights of her juvenile clients.


Mr Bouwman is also active in the area of civil legal cases concerning minors.  The civil cases concerning minors often involve requests to place children under the custody of the Dutch state, or to remove them from their parent(s) altogether.

In cases concerning custody by the government, ms Bouwman often represents the minor him- or herself in court. She also represents the parent(s), who are against a request to transfer the custody to the state, and wish to consult a lawyer, or be represented by a lawyer in court.
In these cases the government interferes with the upbringing of your children which is possibly a far reaching breach of your privacy and family life. This can go even further when a child is removed from its home and placed in a state facility. Ms Bouwman is very experienced in civil juvenile cases and can provide you or your child with the legal assistance that is necessary.

Civil juvenile law has changed drastically during recent years and Ms Bouwman has the knowledge and experience to guide and assist you in all varieties of juvenile cases.