If you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, it is very important to seek legal assistance from an experienced defence lawer as soon as possible.

Whomever becomes involved in a criminal case will deal with many uncertainties and questions. ‘Why am I a suspect? What are my rights? Should I testify, or remain silent? What is the evidence against me? Which strategy should I follow? Should I appeal?’
These are only several of the many questions that will arise. Professional and reliable legal advice from a lawyer you trust is crucial and indispensable.

Mr Bouwman is an expert in the area of criminal defence law, and she has appeared in court on behalf of her clients since 2004. She is experienced in a very wide variety of criminal cases, such as:

  • homicide
  • drug offences
  • theft and fraud
  • armed robbery
  • hostage taking
  • sex offences
  • (domestic) violence
  • TBS
  • international criminal law
  • prison law

If you have a question or if you wish to hire Ms Bouwman as your defence lawyer, call her directly on  + 31 6 42242421, or email via bouwman@advocatenkantoorbouwman.nl.