A certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, or: VOG) is a document by which the Dutch State Secretary for Security and Justice declares that the applicant did not commit any criminal offences that are relevant to the performance of his or her duties. Since 2004, the issuing of the certificate has been centralized. The government agency that handles all requests is ‘JUSTIS’ in The Hague (For more information in English: www.justis.nl.

If you have applied for a certificate of conduct and it is refused, this will often have very serious implications.  You may lose a job you already have, or you are no longer eligible for a new position. Often, with the (new) job in sight, investments have already been made, and a refusal of the certificate would bring about very adverse financial and social consequences for yourself and your family.

Ms Bouwman is one of the few experts in the area of the certificate of good conduct in The Netherlands.
Since 2004 she has successfully helped hundreds of clients obtain the certificate.

Even in seemingly hopeless cases Ms Bouwan has managed to obtain the certificate for her clients. She successfully represents both private individuals and entrepreneurs, and international (governmental) staff.

You can contact her for advice if you have received a written intention stating the reasons for refusal (=‘voornemen tot weigering’) , or when your application has been refused and you want to make a formal complaint against the refusal.

Submit your view
The procedure is first to submit your ‘zienswijze’, in which you  let Justis know your view with regard to the reasons for refusal. This will have to be done within 14 days after receiving an intended refusal.

Refusal and objections
If your application for a certificate of conduct is refused, you can object within 6 weeks in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act. It is highly recommended to have a lawyer assist you with this procedure. When you object, a hearing will be organized at Justis in The Hague and it is possible to appear in person at this hearing to further state your position and legal objections.

Appeal to district court
After the procedure concerning legal objections against the refusal at Justis, if necessary, it is possible to appeal to a disctrict court.

The chances to successfully obtain your certificate will be significantly higher if you are assisted  by an experienced lawyer. You can call Ms Bouwman now for legal advice: tel +31 6 422 42 421 or email to: info@mijnvog.nl.

For further information you are also referred to the website www.mijnVOG.nl